Financial Services Associate

- Protecting families and loved ones through Risk Protection - Helping to achieve dreams through Wealth Management - Providing more affordable homes through Mortgage Solutions - Raising up generations through Education Providence and Estate & Legacy Planning - Adding value through Consultancy Services Seeking someone who is well- liked by his/her peers and is not afraid to care for them, as well as his/her loved ones. Personality requirements: - Driven - Have big dreams - Disciplined - Humble - Daring - Upright in character Contact 9230 3359 or email [email protected] for more details.

Advisors Alliance Group

"To be successful in a profession or in business, to become wealthy cannot be compared to making the lives of your fellow men better. This can bring immense satisfaction." ~ Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew ~ Vision: To be a world class Financial Services Group, committed to making the lives of our fellow men better. Mission: To bring Advisors Alliance Group from where we are today to places we have never been before. Impacting lives, always. Values: Integrity. Compassion. Competence.