Online Marketing Executive

Roles & Responsibilities

The E-Commerce Executive contributes to the growth of E-Commerce business by enhancing the customer experience, executing customer order fulfilment and maintaining the technology and infrastructure. He/She is also responsible for performing data analysis to generate data-driven commercial insights and managing relationships with partners. The E-Commerce Executive works in a fast-paced, digitally-centric environment where he/she ensures seamless end-to-end integration of the E-Commerce business.The E-Commerce Executive is an energetic, collaborative and results-oriented self-starter. He/She is technology-savvy, structured and is able to operate well in a team under pressure.


~ Coach for service performance.
~ Manage a diverse service environment.
~ Manage operations for service excellence.
~ Coordinate order processing, delivery and returns of customer orders.
~ Co-ordinate with cross-functional teams on execution of brand, marketing and e-commerce activities.
~ Execute activities driven by data analytics.
~ Identify strategic business partnerships.
~ Implement customer retention and loyalty programmes.
~ Implement E-Commerce activities.
~ Implement new business collaboration initiatives.
~ Implement preventive and corrective measures of disaster recovery plan.
~ Maintain business partnerships.
~ Manage service quality and customer satisfaction.
~ Monitor and maintain smooth functionality of website.
~ Monitor fulfillment of customers' orders via store pick of delivery service.
~ Monitor sales, promotions, marketing and social media programme and activities over digital platforms.
~ Operate and maintain existing IT infrastructure and networks based on standard operations procedures.
~ Prepare insights report on data-mining outcome.
~ Provide specialised knowledge and insights to the development of technology strategy and roadmap.
~ Track and report business outcome of data-driven insights.

Bio-Plastic (S) Pte Ltd

Bio-Plastic (S) Pte Ltd is an International company based in Singapore dedicated to a greener planet throught the development of environment friendly solutions. We distribute Oxo-biodegradable plastic products and sell Oxo-bioadditives to consumers and manufacturers who want a responsible and sustainable approach to protecting our environment.

Our environment-friendly plastic products incorporate Reverte™ Oxo-biodegradable additives and fully support and encourage the motto of “Reduce, Reuse and Recycle”.

Oxo-biodegradable plastic products retain the characteristics of regular plastic (strong, tough and flexible) during use. Our products are low-cost, convenient and disposable products.

We provide an umbrella of services to our customers, which include customised in-house design of packaging, warehousing and scheduled distribution of inventory to your doorstep.

Bio-Plastic (S) Pte Ltd was recently awarded the “Singapore Green Label” by the Singapore Environment Council, which further strengthens our commitment providing environment-friendly products.