Corporate Sales Associate (Business) (Fresh Grads)

As a company that ventures into the sales and marketing field, we understand that everyone wants more in life and works to eventually enjoy. Imagine that dream holiday, Imagine that dream car, that dream house. And that is where hardwork and effort comes into the picture.


We are looking for self-motivated individuals with the desire to achieve more in life. Someone who don't mind working hard for the first few years. Ok with handling rejections and able to keep an open mind to constantly learn and be improving.


Your Job Scope:

> Represent one of the local clients that we have to increase their market share

> Identify selling points for products and services

> Approach companies and turning them into potential customers

> Assist in Training and Mentoring the Next Batch Eventually


What do you stand to gain:

+ Experience in selling, coaching and mentoring

+ Travelling Opporunity/Exposure with the Best People within and out the Industry

+ Career Progression - Not by Seniority but by Criteria

+ Fair Judgement as long as you do fight for more constantly


Join us in this different venture and explore more!

Ignite Marketing Group

Nobody’s born a workaholic. When you have goals and dream, you just have to work hard for them. Keep striving, you might just make yours happen.

A performance based company that focuses on driving the sales revenue for our clients. Bridging the frontline sales team and the the backend support. We aim to develop the next group of managers within the company starting from the fundamentals of sales.