Corporate Sales & Marketing Associate

If the idea of sitting at a desk from 9-5 bores you!! If you crave for an experience that allows you to meet others and interact because you are built to connect. Challenge yourself!

· Ignite Marketing is looking for an exceptional negotiator with excellent persuasion skills. We need a capable frontrunner to blaze the trail and make connections for us.

· If you’re driven, outgoing and love to win, this is the job that you are looking for.


Your Role:

· Generate & Manage - Potential Leads

· Negotiate Business Terms with Clients

· Presenting to Bosses from different walks of life

· Use the Sales Techniques to connect to customers



1. Hardworking & Driven individual -> You can be lost but 'work ethics trumps' and we want that

2. Good Student Mentality - Willingness to learn

3. Team Player - contributing to new ideas to improve together



> Fun & Supportive Environment

> Clear-cut Career Progression Charts - Performance Based (where managerial position will get additional incentives)

> Mentorship - 1-on-1 sessions & Coaching is provided

Ignite Marketing Group

Nobody’s born a workaholic. When you have goals and dream, you just have to work hard for them. Keep striving, you might just make yours happen.

A performance based company that focuses on driving the sales revenue for our clients. Bridging the frontline sales team and the the backend support. We aim to develop the next group of managers within the company starting from the fundamentals of sales.