Corporate Sales & Marketing Associate

Key Responsibilities:

  • Raising Awareness for clients

  • Preparation of quotation and proposals to customers

  • Translating potential enquiries to sales

  • Support business development team in developing, implementing and executing sales action plans for corporate customers.

  • Develop and Maintain Good Customer Service

  • Lead workshops and 1-on-1 mentorship within the company - focused on customer discovery, growth, and new market entry


> Possess good communications and interpersonal skills.

> Results-oriented in achieving sales target

> Good Learning Attitude towards new discoveries

> Preferably able to start work within short notice


  • Adventure — Trips!

  • Development & Learnings workshops

  • 1-on-1 Mentorship

  • Career Prospect

Ignite Marketing Group

Nobody’s born a workaholic. When you have goals and dream, you just have to work hard for them. Keep striving, you might just make yours happen.

A performance based company that focuses on driving the sales revenue for our clients. Bridging the frontline sales team and the the backend support. We aim to develop the next group of managers within the company starting from the fundamentals of sales.