Assistant Systems Engineer

Job Responsibilities : 

The Associate Security Engineer supports security systems and operations administration, monitoring and maintenance. He/She monitors security alerts and events. He collects and documents contextual information based on established practices and supports the preparation and publishing of security advisories. He assists with the analysis of security-related information and events, escalation of incidents for validation and remediation. He is required to be on standby with on-call availability with varied shiftsincluding nights, weekends and holidays. He is alert and vigilant in performing monitoring activities, and is able to analyse and resolve security-related issues critically. He communicates clearly in his interactions with others and coordinates effectively with his team to perform security operations.


Monitor security systems

  • Perform non-routine security monitoring activities
  • Perform prioritisation and allocation of security incidents
  • Track security monitoring rules and alerts
  • Compile regular reports on the performance of security operations


Maintain security operations

  • Assist with the implementation of agreed security system changes and maintenance routines
  • Assist with implementation of new security programs
  • Support vulnerability, penetration testing and assessments
  • Support the development of reports on security penetration testing results
  • Recommend security products, services and/or procedures
  • Support the alignment of security systems with established service agreement standards
  • Support the implementation of new enterprise security architecture, technologies and enhancements


Respond to queries

  • Support live response to security issues
  • Support investigation of security breaches such as forensic threat investigation
  • Support the resolution of security related issues
  • Support the simulation of user problems to identify security system drawbacks
  • Recommend security system modifications to reduce user problems


Facilitate compliance

  • Assist with the implementation security policies, procedures and programs
  • Educate users on the security standards and practices
  • Identify improvement areas to existing security policies and procedures
  • Deliver user training


Optimise security system performance

  • Support piloting of new tools, technologies, and processes as well as installation of hardware and software
  • Support security system testing and ongoing optimisation or changes such as scheduled upgrades and updates
  • Maintain documentation of all optimisation activities
  • Suggest improvements to operational processes, procedure manuals, and documentation


Job Requirements :

  • Polytechnic or Degree in Computer Systems

Integrated Health Information Systems (IHIS)

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