Business Development Manager (Singapore)

General Job Description:

Develop new relationships and increase the quality of existing relationships with potential clients in strategic market segments, partner firms, vendors, and industry groups. Conduct high-level corporate sales by engendering trust, demonstrating professionalism and providing security integration expertise. As this is early stage sales, it is general and future focused. When the opportunity reaches the project definition stage, it is handed over to the Sales Team for detailed proposals and closing the sale. Create and effectively lead a team in various locations throughout Asia Pacific.

Major responsibilities include:




Early Phase Corporate Sales

  • Identify at the earliest possible moment attractive leads in the strategic market segments and build relationships in the critical early phases
  • Develop clients to the point of their requesting consultation on specific projects, at which time the lead is passed to the Sales Team
  • Meet with high level regional and global security managers or other decision makers to influence their decisions on projects in Asia Pacific. Work to create regional agreements with large accounts.
  • Serve as an informal securities consultant in the early relationship phases to build trust and demonstrate COMPANY  competence (concept of "giving to get")
  • Identify, meet and establish relations with high level regional and global security design makers.
  • Identify new opportunities for services in the market, including identifying new segments of the market to serve.
  • Serve as the principal COMPANY  brand ambassador
  • Increase security awareness in industry groups & associations, including chambers of commerce, and international industry groups, trade development groups,    embassies, and consulates.
  • Represent COMPANY  in security industry groups.
  • Present COMPANY  to the general public and the business community at large 

Partner Care

  • Develop and manage an extensive network of partner firms to meet specific needs in specific segments. Examples of partners: Project Management Companies, construction companies, consulting companies, and to a limited degree other suppliers such as furniture, floor and wall covering, etc.
  • Provide basic security systems & methodologies training  and introduction to partner companies
  • Seek new forms of cooperation with partners 

Vendor Leadership

  • Set up and refine system to automate lead sharing with key vendors
  • Work with vendors in the development of new product solutions focusing on problems faced by clients as well as cost reduction
  • Seek new forms of cooperation with vendors



Business Development

  • Build the Business Development Team: recruit professionals to match the business developer profile
  • Support, Train, and Inspire the Business Development Team members to do their best every day.
  • Work with and support the managers to develop the Business Development network
  • Learn security technologies and concepts. Maintain in depth knowledge of COMPANY ’s standard products and systems, modern security concepts and products that are available on the world market.
  • Work with COO to develop new business channels and opportunities.


  • Work with marketing to identify and participate in appropriate events, direct meetings, and industry-specific activities.
  • Keep marketing informed about relevant trends and developments in the market
  • Play an integral part in marketing strategy development together with the marketing team
  • Identify new lead/client attractiveness criteria & questions and methods of eliciting this information in early stages

Sales & KAM

  • Serve as main feeder of leads into the pipeline, but usually not follow-up on those leads
  • Keep sales & KAM informed about current developments in the market
  • Purchasing
  • Keep purchasing informed about relevant trends in the market
  • Support the purchasing team understand the market to do a better job in vendor management.


Skills and Knowledge Requirements:

  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Self-confident, good image and trustworthy
  • Aware of the market - experience in a partner sector (real estate, design, etc.)
  • Big picture technical / technological knowledge of security concepts and systems
  • High-level, polished, refined sales skills
  • Big believer & representative of the COMPANY  corporate culture
  • Team management skills

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