Infrastructure Engineer


  • Installing and maintaining operating environments.
  • Monitoring these operating environments.
  • Responding effectively and speedily to any problems.
  • Maintaining a professional demeanor with clients and colleagues.
  • Providing support to users
  • Ensuring operating environments stay safe and secure.
  • Updating any software and hardware where necessary.
  • Documenting all reported malfunctions and actions taken in response.


  • Bachelor's degree in computer science or engineering.
  • Advanced organizational skills.
  • ​​​​​​​Must know how to use database systems management software, enterprise resource planning software, and web platform development software.​​​​​​​

    Deep body of knowledge and a wide variety of hard and soft skills to go about their work. These include:
  • Software knowledge – IT infrastructure engineers work with a variety of software. A working knowledge of how these various systems interact virtually helps the engineer conduct rapid troubleshooting
  • Hardware knowledge – routers, servers, PCs, printers, and other equipment all fall under the IT infrastructure engineer’s purview. The engineer also knows how to manage LANs and wired/wireless networks to connect these devices
  • Problem-solving skills – getting many pieces of hardware and software to work in harmony is an ongoing and challenging task. Strong deductive reasoning and patience serve engineers well here
  • Customer service – infrastructure engineers tend to work with internal rather than external partners. Communicating well with these “customers” helps the engineer resolve outages quickly and build strong working relationships
  • Teaching ability – engineers may need to explain complex technical concepts to nontechnical colleagues and train them to use software and hardware
  • Organization skills – whether keeping cable sprawl to a minimum, documenting their work, or prioritizing requests for support, IT infrastructure engineers need to stay organized to keep on top of their tasks

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