React Native Developer


  • Developing and deploying iOS and Android applications  using cross-platform technologies,
  • Working with UI/UX designers, architects, backend, and frontend developers to create the best mobile experience,
  • Working as part of a waterfall or agile process,
  • Collaborating with product and business teams to define a product, balancing features with time to market,
  • Creating scalable, testable, documented application so the product can grow and maintained over time,
  • Keeping up with technology changes in our space and leverage them when appropriate
  • Working independently to deliver software on time
  • Documenting all aspects of your work
  • Training, mentoring and collaborating with other team members to ensure our teams maintain high standards
  • Learning our business and helping to align technology innovation with our customer needs
  • Participating in product design, offering new ideas and understanding that not every idea will be adopted
  • Communicating professionally with other business units and customers as needed for demos and support of our products


  • Experienced in building financial applications
  • Experienced with using React in building web application front ends
  • Experienced with Python, Django and Flask
  • Experienced with software development
  • Experienced in building and deploying mobile applications
  • Experienced in building mobile applications using React Native
  • Experienced in building and consuming APIs to interact with other applications using REST or GraphQL
  • Experienced in design and building mobile-first UI
  • Experienced in working in an agile environment to quickly iterate and deliver features to users
  • experienced with developing applications with particular focus on front-end development
  • Experienced with React Native development
  • Experienced with automation unit testing of front-end applications
  • A strong communicator
  • Experienced with web technologies
  • Experienced with ReactJS / React-Native
  • Experienced with NodeJS, Javascript, TypeScript or Flow, TypeORM
  • Experienced in building large-scale applications
  • Experienced as native mobile developer (Android / iOS)
  • Familiar with relational databases
  • Experienced with GraphQL/API
  • Experienced with developing software applications
  • Experienced with HTML5, CSS3 and Responsive Web Development
  • Experienced with Typescript
  • Skilled in understanding  document description languages such as JSON and XML
  • Clear in understanding software development best practices
  • Experienced working with teams using agile methodologies
  • Experienced with both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store
  • Knowledgeable in SCM with strong emphasis on Git and standard Git Flow

Additional Relevant Skills and Experience:

  • Experience using Node.js or Java to build scalable web services
  • Experience with other development frameworks a plus (Ionic, Angular, Native Android, Native iOS)
  • Experience with Oracle, MySql, or PostgreSQL and use of Hibernate, ORMs and/or JDBC
  • Experience with NoSQL databases such as MongoDB or CouchDB a plus
  • Bachelor’s degree in a technical discipline such as Computer Science, Software Engineering; or equivalent work experience required
  • UX knowledge

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