Junior Web Application Developer

Job Responsibilities

The Junior Web Developer candidate will be mainly responsible for implementing browser-based applications for clients.
Additional responsibilities include:

  • Designing responsive applications for mobile devices  
  • Configuring and setting up different types of servers.
  • Providing on-site customer support

Job Requirements


Diploma and above, IT or Computer Science related preferred, Diploma and degree fresh graduates welcomed.
Those from other disciplines, but have some exposure, and interested to get into programming also are welcome

Note: Training given fresh graduates who are inexperienced with web development too.

Skill sets:

  • Software engineering
  • Basic knowledge on web technology (LAMP Stack, Javascript, CSS) and how they work.
  • .NET and Java EE would be a bonus
  • Basic knowledge on how to design a workflow

Salary: Diploma up to S$2500, Degree up to S$3500 (Can up to 4000 SGD with candidates with a minimum of 1 year experience in Web Programming)



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