HR Manager

Job responsibilities

  • HRM strategy: responsible for improving the company's organization structure and clarifying the responsibilities of each department according to the company's strategy and human resource development plan;
  • Recruitment: responsible for the establishment and improvement of the recruitment process system. This includes the formulation of recruitment plans, talent reserve, expansion of recruitment channels, evaluation and analysis of recruitment effects to meet the company's recruitment needs;
  • Performance: responsible for establishing a performance management system, assisting each department in formulating their performance appraisal system, and organizing and promoting the performance appraisal process of each department;
  • Compensation and welfare: responsible for the continuous optimization of the company's compensation and welfare schemes, systems and processes;
  • Training: responsible for formulating and implementing training plans and carrying out staff training to improve their professional knowledge and skills;
  • Corporate culture: promote the construction of corporate culture, strengthen team building and management, as well as enhancing the employment experience of employees;



  • Five years or more human resources working experience, with a bachelor degree or above. Fluent in Chinese and English;
  • Have a great understanding and practical experiences of human resource management, and be familiar with employment laws and policies in Singapore;
  • Proficient in staff recruitment and training, with practical experience in recruitment and training of mid to senior-level talents in Internet, IT or financial related industries;
  • Have practical experience in salary design and performance management;
  • Self-motivated, strong planning and execution ability, able to work under pressure, experience in start-up company, software or fintech industry is preferred.

Lean Work Limited

Established in 2014, LEAN WORK is a leading SaaS provider that specializes within the FX industry. In just three years since it was founded, the company has grown exponentially and has received two series of funding from venture capitalists of China's most reputable Internet companies. In that short amount of time, the company has also developed complete Trader's and Broker's and solutions and successfully served over 300 clients, including both local Chinese brokers and leading international brands. Headquartered in Hong Kong and Shanghai, Lean Work's R&D Centre is located in Chengdu.