Web UX Designer

Roles & Responsibilities

Web UX (user experience) designers measure and optimise websites to improve ease of use (usability), and create the best user experience by exploring many different approaches to solve end-users’ problems.

The User Experience Designer creates and designs engaging experiences for users. He/She collaborates with key team members to enhance user online experience in a website.

He/She works to resolve user interface issues. He/She obtains and leverages on user feedback to drive and improve user design direction. He/She evaluates and recommends suitable user designs for implementation.  He/She keeps up-to-date with the latest user design concepts and software development changes to remain competitive in the industry.


Job Requirements

 ~ Artistic eye for design
~ Ability to think creatively
~ Mathematical aptitude and strong problem-solving skills
~ Excellent IT and programming skills
~ Excellent organisational, time and project management skills
~ Accuracy and attention to detail
~ Conduct research activities to gather user requirements.
~ Create design style guide and user interface designs for implementation.
~ Deliver prototypes to communicate and test design ideas.
~ Design user experience solutions based on established design principles.
~ Develop and implement user experience design plans.
~ Drive design ideas to become deliverables that are tested and iterated based on user feedback.
~ Interact with users to perform usability tests.
~ Interpret and analyse web analytics and data to iterate design.
~ Monitor latest and best practices in user-centric design, information structuring and digital experiences.
~ Drive successful implementation of the user experience design specifications.
~ Provide guidance and mentoring to junior team members.
~ Resolve any implementation issues that affect the user design interface.

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