Printec Private Limited

Printec’s founder Chow Kok Yong has been working as an apprentice in printing companies since a tender age of 20 years old. After working for several years, a group of them started Printec as they saw the potential in printing business. Over the next decade, the other 2 co-founders left the company due to financial issues and Kok Yong became the sole owner of the business. Since 1979, he has been hard at work expanding the printing business and is well equipped with the technical knowledge of offset machines. His hands are perpetually stained with various colours from the printing inks and not many understood how tough this business is.

After weathering through many rounds of global financial crisis and economic recessions, Kok Yong has consistently managed to outperform the market with his technical know-how and reliable services. Garnering more than 46 years of experience, he is still hands-on in operating the printing machines and has since hired 5 more employees to run the operations.

With a customised design service and quality workmanship, customers have been referring one another and that is how the business took off – Purely by word of mouth! Having a solid list of established clienteles, Printec has expanded to taking online enquiries and will continue to run its operations for many years to come.