Network Engineer

Job Responsibilities

Project Operation

  • To develops and implements the infrastructure (including network) of the ICT project secured by sales team
  • To aligns the infrastructure design of the ICT project with company strategy
  • Work together with project teams to ensure compatibility with provided solutions, infrastructure and services
  • Works closely with project management to ensure alignment of plans with what is being delivered
  • Provide maintenance procedure for after project support
  • Support and train the service team on the provided infrastructure design on the delivery projects


  • To provide technical advice and support to the sales team on securing ICT project
  • To assist with the development sales worksheet for ICT project related to infrastructure (including network)

Knowledge/ Professional Skills

  • CCNA certified
  • Good understanding of server technology, server hardware, Microsoft operating systems and Virtualization platforms
  • Evidence of a high level of skill in the implementation and maintenance of ICT projects in industry
  • General understanding of Management Information and Content Management based applications

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