News Feature: The Science of Hiring

News Feature: The Science of Hiring

Earlier this year, our founder and CEO Sei Wee was featured in local HR consultancy’s blog, where he was invited to share his expertise on the grand Science of Hiring.


As a company, IoTalents was built on a firm foundation of the science of technology crossed with the art our human expertise. Hence, we believe that both technology and the human touch can co-exist in the same space for greater synergy, especially in recruitment.


This news feature will answer your questions on:


  • What are the best predictors of a good hire?
  • What can a hirer do to improve the odds and build a more effective and reliable hiring process?
  • How to identify the best talent
  • How referral and social recruitment can help you to hire better


Read more here: The Science of Hiring


We thank for the feature!