Canon Singapore Pte Ltd

In 1979, Canon Singapore Pte Ltd was set up as the regional headquarters to oversee operations in the Asia-Pacific region. It sets and spearheads sales and marketing strategies for the region, manages and coordinates the region's organisation, sales, service, training, information network and distribution.


Living and Working Together for the Common Good

Behind every success story lies a strong guiding principle. At Canon, this principle is embodied in the word kyosei -which means living and working together for the common good.

This philosophy is built into every aspect of our business. From the product development stage, we only conduct research that is original and which has no threat to the environment.



Canon started out in 1937 with the vision to make the best camera for the world. More than seven decades later, it is a global leader not only in photography but also with a wide portfolio of products for consumers and businesses. Canon Singapore Pte Ltd was established in 1979 and oversees the South & Southeast Asia region.  


Product & Services

Dedicated to innovation

With a goal to bring the best innovations to people around the world, Canon has built up more than 200 companies worldwide, employing more than 160,000 people in research and development, production, sales and marketing activities. Canon commits 10 percent of its total revenue each year to R&D and has acquired 19,902 U.S. patents since 1985. For the last ten years it has been one of the top 4 companies with the most number of patents.