We Understand The Challenges of Recruiting Quality Talent.
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Most Common Recruitment Challenges

Poor Candidate Quality

Traditional Recruitment Channels Are Expensive

Inefficient Use Of Time

Poor Candidate Experience

Our Solution: Jobs007 - Referral-Based Recruitment
Developed by recruiters, for recruiters. We found that many of our best candidates came by word-of-mouth - an experience that many recruiters will readily agree with. Hence, we built Jobs007 - one of Asia’s first referral-based recruitment platforms.
Jobs007 connects you to curated quality talent through our referral-based recruitment platform. Save time, money and effort on candidate sourcing. Jobs007 brings the best candidates to you, automatically.
The Referral-Based Recruitment Process

Talents refer jobs to their network

Referred candidates apply for the job

Upon successful hire, hirers reward referrer and candidate

Set Your Referral Bounty

Jobs007 uses a Referral Bounty to incentivise talents to share jobs with their network, hence leveraging on existing professional networks to find key talents.
Upon successful hire, the referred applicant and referrer each get a cash reward! We give you a rewarding hiring experience, literally.
To find out more about the Referral Bounty and how it can boost your recruitment efforts, click on the button below to get in touch. We will guide you personally - so you get the best talent with the least effort.
Prefer self-exploration of Jobs007 and its full functions and features? Click on the link below to download the Employer's Quick Guide. It contains everything you need to know to get started.
Supercharge your hiring with Jobs007.
Post Jobs in 5 Minutes or Less

Job posting in less than 5 minutes. Get your jobs out on Jobs007 as soon as possible.

Benefit from the Referral Effect

Posting a job on Jobs007 means that it can be easily referred – thus your job has a great chance of going viral. Viral job post = more eyeballs = more curated signups.

Get Better Candidates

Referred candidates stay in their jobs longer, and often are happier and more productive in their jobs. Get quality candidates with Jobs007-exclusive referral program.

Automated Matching To Suitable Candidates

Our system recommends you the best candidates for your jobs, without you lifting a finger. Shortlist matched the candidates you want to interview and contact them directly.

What Are You Waiting For?

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