About Us

About Jobs007

Jobs007™ is one of Asia's first referral based job app platform that maps workforce to employers on demand. We do this through our incentive / referral based platform, leveraging on the powerful benefits of professional network to grow our talent pool in a viral fashion. Talents are provided incentives to refer their network to relevant jobs. Hirers are then able to leverage on these existing professional networks to select and hire curated referred talents.

Referral-Based Recruiting: A Winning Formula

The Jobs007™ referral model creates a frictionless mechanism of rapidly growing a large pool of candidates, and talent map them to jobs. Powering our app marketplace, Talenlytics profiles and interviews applicants with artificial intelligence. This gives us hundreds of data points that we can analyse and then feed our matching algorithms. With this, we are setting the basis for the most powerful recruitment platform in the industry and the future of of recruitment.

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