Frontier e-HR Pte Ltd

Besides being at the forefront of HR technology, Frontier e-HR also aims to lead by example in our HR practices. With a desire to empower employees and work with them to create a better life, a Work-Life Harmony policy was recently launched to all staff! We recognize then more than just having success at work, employees also want significance in life to do what they want to do. They do not have to choose either success or significance, but they can have both.

As the workforce grows towards talent development and retention, Work-Life harmony is one of the key aspects most talents look for. It is not just about the money, but also about them being able to live life the way they want. Recognizing the need to be able to be flexible at work, two initiatives were launched to the various departments – flexi-time and flexi-place. Employees are able to either choose staggered hours or to telecommute.

What this new initiative hopes to achieve is higher productivity, improve employee engagement & satisfaction, improve attraction & retention of talent, reduce in health-related costs and improve customer experience! With this policy, it gives everyone more power to plan and live life to its fullest but also more responsibility to ensure that work is not compromised. Indeed, with great power comes great responsibility.