Corporate Sales & Marketing Representative

“Life is not about the breaths we take but the number of breaths that takes us away”


As a vibrant outsourced sales and marketing company, we represent clients to do face-to-face marketing. To be upfront, it might not be smooth sailing journey but if you enjoy challenges, enjoy pushing your limits or even trying something new, joining us would definitely take your breath away.



1.       Face-to-face interaction with customers (Business-to-Business)

2.       Creating awareness for our clients

3.       Providing excellent customer service



>  Able to work in Teams

>  Positive Maintaining Attitude even when faced with challenges

>  Good command in English

>  Willing to learn & improve

>  Enjoy communicating with people

>  Singaporean/PRs only

>  18 years old and above


Ø  Personal Development

Ø  Travel opportunities

Ø  Advancements

Ø  Coaching provided

Ø  Fun and supportive work environment


*All educational levels are welcomed

Ignite Marketing Group

Nobody’s born a workaholic. When you have goals and dream, you just have to work hard for them. Keep striving, you might just make yours happen.

A performance based company that focuses on driving the sales revenue for our clients. Bridging the frontline sales team and the the backend support. We aim to develop the next group of managers within the company starting from the fundamentals of sales.