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Order name cards online and choose from a wide range of standard, unique and luxury customisation options. Name card thickness is usually measured in “grammes per square metre” abbreviated as “gsm” The higher the number,

the thicker the card. Standard name card thickness is 360 gsm, but weights can vary by paper type. Here's a quick rundown of standard singapore name card. We also offer square or rounded corner cards, which are a little

different than typical business card sizes. Also, when you’re designing or choosing a template,

remember that business card dimensions may include a “bleed area”, which is extra space for images,

patterns or design elements that extend beyond the cut edges – this helps prevent having white edges around your finished card. If the information is still mostly correct, you can keep them as backups by crossing out the out-of-date

info and writing in new text. If the cards are mostly inaccurate, we’d recommend recycling them. We’d recommend using one of our name card holders, available in an assortment of different materials and styles.

Traditionally, name cards have a horizontal layout,singapore name card but if you’re going for a different, modern feel,

we have a lot of templates for vertical name cards too. As far as specific design layouts are concerned,

we have thousands you can quickly sort and browse by industry, shape, style and more. Name Card - Design & web customised name cards | Basic 18$ Advance 28$ Premium 48$ |

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