Corporate Sales Associate

The Role You will be a key player and will be leading and executing for the company to lead it towards hyper-growth. Responsibilities may include: * Manage and maintain relationships with clients * Perform leads generation to acquire new accounts * Develop content for sales presentations or other materials * Arranging quotations and appointments with the clients * Ensure high customer satisfactions in pursuit of business targets * Working with the HR department to formulate new initiatives Culture and Benefits: * We value our team members and we look after them * We offer growth opportunities and we reward people who take advantage of them * Able to work closely with the senior team * Regular overseas trips for exposure Requirements: * Passionate individual with high emotional intelligence for selling * Make great first impression and able to have conversation with anyone * Possess good fight spirit; never take “no’ for an answer * Strong desire to learn and advance with the company * Positive attitude and strives to cultivate great team culture We have an impressive track record when it comes to support, connection and customer experience, so you’ll need to help us continue being the most innovative, crazy and fun-loving team.

The Heron Marketing

The Heron Marketing is a sub-team of a fun and vibrant Sales and Marketing company specializing in face-to-face promotions, providing quality marketing solutions for our clients such as telco, energy, NGOs and more!