Institutional Sales Manager

Job responsibilities

1. Lead the sales team to explore the Asia-Pacific market, and promote the company's brand and SaaS products to financial institutions in forex, futures, securities and digitsal currency

2. Built an institutional sales team and system according to the company strategy

3. Motivate and assess team members, and strive to achieve team performance goals

4. Organize regular sharing and training sessions, provide guidance and help to team members, and create a positive atmosphere for learning professional knowledge



Job requirements 

1.     At least 5-year sales experience in SaaS enterprise service or global institutions in fintech industry, with at least 2-year sales team management experience

2.     Bachelor degree or above, fluent in Chinese and English

3.     Have a deep understanding of forex, futures, securities, digital currency and other financial industries or SaaS enterprise services

4.      Strong communication and learning ability, with IT or financial related professional knowledge

5.     Passion for sales management and have a strong interest in SaaS enterprise services and fintech

6.     Strong self-motivation, aggressive, willing to accept challenges

Lean Work Limited

Established in 2014, LEAN WORK is a leading SaaS provider that specializes within the FX industry. In just three years since it was founded, the company has grown exponentially and has received two series of funding from venture capitalists of China's most reputable Internet companies. In that short amount of time, the company has also developed complete Trader's and Broker's and solutions and successfully served over 300 clients, including both local Chinese brokers and leading international brands. Headquartered in Hong Kong and Shanghai, Lean Work's R&D Centre is located in Chengdu.