Marketing Manager

Job responsibilities

  1. Brand planning: formulate brand promotion strategies, plan marketing activities, and enhance the company's brand influence and reputation in the target market region;
  2. PR: expand and maintain media resources to deliver product value and brand concept to target customers;
  3. Digital marketing: expand customer resources through online marketing channels such as SEM, SEO, EDM, DSP and SNS, constantly optimize marketing strategies based on data analysis, and build a data-driven online marketing system;
  4. Content operation: regularly organize industry research, product training, competitive product research, and provide industry reports, competitive product reports, product copywriting and other professional content;


Job requirements

  1. Bachelor degree or above, fluent in English and Chinese, self-motivated;
  2. At least 5 years working experience in Internet marketing or operation, at least 2 years management experience in marketing or operation team;
  3. Experience in stock, futures, forex, digital currency and other financial products investment is preferred, SaaS enterprise services, fintech and other related industry background is preferred;
  4. Good at digital marketing and creative planning, familiar with content operation, marketing activities, PR and other means of promotion;
  5. Have experience in planning and executing large-scale activities, and have a certain ability to respond to crisis public relations;
  6. Good data thinking and input-output awareness, good at constantly optimizing marketing strategies based on market research and operational data analysis results .

Lean Work Limited

Established in 2014, LEAN WORK is a leading SaaS provider that specializes within the FX industry. In just three years since it was founded, the company has grown exponentially and has received two series of funding from venture capitalists of China's most reputable Internet companies. In that short amount of time, the company has also developed complete Trader's and Broker's and solutions and successfully served over 300 clients, including both local Chinese brokers and leading international brands. Headquartered in Hong Kong and Shanghai, Lean Work's R&D Centre is located in Chengdu.